FOST - Fountain Orthopaedics  Sports Spine & Trauma Centre

FOST© is a Fountain Healthcare Brand that provides Holistic Healing Care to persons with Spine (Back), Bone and joint, Injuries deformities, chronic disorders, and chronic pain. We believe “life is movement” and movement is life.  

FOST© Doctors:

  • Dr Neford Ongaro – Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

  • Dr Elijah Muteti –Spine/Back Pain Management

  • Dr Paul Makokha, Harsh Vadgama – Sports Medicine

  • Dr Calvin Nyakure, Mwanahidi Ayumba – Trauma/Injury services

FOST© Specialty services include:

  • Hip and Knee Replacement Arthroplasty: 100% paid by NHIF and  For cash payers; we charge < ksh 400,000

  • Fracture Management: 100% NHIF cover  or < ksh 150,000

  • Spine surgery: 50% NHIF cover or < ksh 300,000

  • Sports medicine; shoulder, Knee, Ankle Arthroscopy surgeries: 100% NHIF cover; or < ksh 250,000  

  • Children with Joint deformity: 100% NHIF cover or < ksh 150,000

FOST©  Value/benefits

  1. Convenience, loving caring staff

  2. For those who have NHIF cover and require surgery, easy and convenient: you provide your NHIF details,  FOST© will handle the rest and get a confirmatory SMS and call you to confirm your admission day and surgery. No additional charges.

  3. At  FOST©/FHC we are driven by these values: Low Cost,  High Quality And high value-good-outcome services